Living, learning, and loving in Calcutta

I have my own little pet theory about the incessant honking here in the City of Joy. It is an irreverent thought that comes to my mind while I ride along in a taxi or auto, bumping, stopping, starting, and jostling through the crammed and crowded thoroughfares. When there is little in the way of traffic policing than chaos can reign supreme. So how to combat that chaos? I think the essential format in this case is making sure your presence is made known, constantly and with gusto. Every moving thing on the street is eager to have their say. “I’m here! I’m here! Watch out! Move over! Give me space! Don’t hit me bro! The light is definitely changing any minute now so get ready!!!!” Everyone has to chime in and have a say much in the same vein as I’ve seen during street corner or tea shop addas…

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