Now what can we say that has triggered succession. over the years, several dynamism has created a distinction in human life to embrace the unimportant to the reasons that drive us through life  . By this, a distinct class of humanity have the belief that this dynamism as related to culture, religion, tradition is more important than our common humanity of Same blood, same organic system of death n decay. What bothers me is not about the social distinction but the reaction of individuals under each social class as oppose to threat from one another. A man walks up to a school with machine guns and then fires at playing kids, have we ever wondered wat those kids really did. Many events of same kind and at each level we find the culprit representing a social class of advent dynamism. As much as I believe God exist I also know one thing he never put his distinctive divine nature before his love for the human race and Thats why everything about nature is perfect as it is and you cannot see God oppressing his people. A final note is this our differences are nothing compared to the common humanity which we share.