Cease, Cows

First, don’t stand in the shadows.

People might see the halo on your head, which will send them to you begging for a miracle. One thing you know already but must never forget: never use miracles to ease suffering. Remember: the Essence, which burns so fiercely in our minds, uses us as an instrument. So you must avoid the truly needy. Stand clear of the homeless, beggars, gypsy mothers. Never make the mistake of visiting a hospital, for the ill are forever hungry. Likewise, steer clear of trade unions, laid-off workers and unemployed youth, for their desire for social justice is petty compared to the Essence’s holy Necessity.

Of course it is difficult to smother compassion when you lived your mortal years kindling its flames. Maybe you were a social worker, a doctor in a leprosarium, a martyr in war time. But that was before. Now you are one of…

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