Toss the Typewriter

Hi folks –

My apologies for this post. I had no opinions to express or thoughts of the day, so I decided to see what the Daily Post Challenge had to offer.  The challenge was to “Write a new poem, story, post, or piece of flash fiction that contains an element of foreshadowing.” Well my story started with a tree, and it took a terrible turn (there’s a little foreshadowing for you).

So if you read my blog because my posts are generally good-natured and optimistic, here’s a pretty picture:

???????????????????????????????Now I suggest you move on to another blog that is more uplifting.  For those of you determined to go on, I warned you…

Trees (Fiction)

The tree outside my bedroom window, my favorite tree, is straight and tall, with branches that throw a canopy of leaves over the grass below, protecting the soft blades from the worst of the…

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