I was carrying out a review this morning on human actions and human complexities, I found out that the ability of humans to behave in a particular way is not as a result of past experiences because really past experiences still happen to the same people but as a result of the complexity of the mind. what am  saying do the adage ‘people learn from their mistakes’ or ‘people learn from other peoples mistake’ does it truly stand?
I was thinking maybe individuals in the society just Decides to act in a particular manner according to the constraints of their environment, here are some examples-
A thief sees what the society does to people who steals instead of not stealing he still ventures into it with the mindset of being wiser forgetting the consequences attached to it, when in the art he is then caught and he goes on pleading.
Another, is a family with the children blaming the father for abandoning  and mistreating their mother at a tender age, only to see the older child repeating this same action to his own wife and children.
Another, a boy doing contrary to what his religion tells him and then go on asking for forgiveness over and over again and still performs this action over and over again do you think he’s in sane?  No it happens that way sometimes.
Straight to the point, I think people carryout actions according to how refined or unrefined, how knowledgeable, or according to their own  discretion.
Whether consequences or no consequences the human system of interaction is the most complex system ever in the universe. Believe it or not.