2347062187772many times i must say, when the road seems bumpy in one aspect of our lives, and we wish all could just go as the original plan and it turns out far less than the manuscript. the first thing we do as humans is that we forget everything about us and everybody and the world just feels like you are the only one in it. i remember my experience once as a junior student in my secondary school, and how those strict senior students tormented my life, one out of all i will not forget who dealt with me bitterly the only thing left was obliteration, and as i lay on my bed that wishing the whole world will just end now, because the senior told me we would continue the next day.

first, consider my thought critically i forgot all about my parents who were paying the school fee, i forgot about the love of a brother, a sister, and a friend. i forgot about everything and my powerful mind just concentrating on our bad my problems were and i needed a break out of it.DEATH!

Note for many of us, we might not have felt that kind of experience, but for those that have may not have taken it like i took it as a junior student, but the fact remains that after the situation is all gone and the warmth of goodness shines again we begin to accuse ourselves and promise ourselves to think differently in another situation that  may still occur.

Now why am i quoting all these, i want us to understand that our might and our weakness are all in us in our minds. getting sad,being happy e.t.c are all in a complete prototype of a human being. you cannot act beyond your mind if it is not tuned to how you want it to act, remember also only you can make yourself happy in difficult situations. the hand of the supernatural helps when we think about them sometimes but it still depends on us if we think about them. i am guilty of what i write here, but i have told myself if i must beat myself time for everything i say in tight situations then i will continue to beat myself down forever because they will never stop coming. think, worry but never act them.  be free my friend