Ford Anglia Adventures

So mum took me on an outing with the Young Guns Classics gang. We went up to Hawes, but to get there me and mum had to travel to Kirkby Lonsdale unfortunately most of the gang are from Cumbria so it was easier for them to get there.
There was a range of classic cars. From Jaguars to a Metro, to Rovers… even Joe brought my twin (but I will get to her).
From Kirkby Lonsdale we travelled to Ingleton, its here things took a turn for the worse…
Richard had traveled from Kent in his Austin somerset, unfortunately Somersby had enough and broke down.


Despite the gangs best efforts we couldn’t fix him. However we had a laugh trying to fix him, a lady with a dog came over and said ‘mine used to break down too’ personally I think he did very well.
Now we headed up to…

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