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This Burundian Life


It’s been 5 months. FIVE LONG MONTHS!

When I first met him, he was the guy next-door. Physically attractive, but nothing too crazy (except for those lips, Gosh!!!) Custom-made suit, fresh haircut, killer smile, educated, smart, successful business man (for his age), believer, the whole nine yards… but WAH’EVA, I pretended not to see any of it.
Very friendly, talked with a soft but confident voice, a true gentleman, La Classe Quoi (but still ignored).

As weeks went by, as I got to know him more I realized not only his beautiful mind but what a WONDERFUL leader he is! Yes, the kind of leader every woman in her mid-20s is dreaming to marry, to not only lead her but to lead her home/family.

Then the unexpected, expected happened… The more I spoke to him, the more intriguing I found this guy. The more intrigued I got, the more…

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