The Skookum

Fortunately or not;

Death greets us all.

Once we lived and soon we’re gone.

For this mortal speck, in the boundless vast,

will be but a memory, of the past.

But I, as a soul, want to last.

Remember me, remember me.

For death shall know and it shall remember,

It was I who met it, with that smile

the smile of knowing that I’m gone

But not forgotten,

the smile of knowing that you will

remember me.

Though I have not, not yet,

done that, which you haven’t too;

Though I have not, not yet,

been what you haven’t been too;

Though I am just that what you are,

It shouldn’t stop one from making me last.

For I’ve not done something to remember,

But I have lived as who I am.

And that’s all it takes and

one needs nothing more to

remember me. To remember me.


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