Ceritera Firuz Akhtar



It has been a while since I  wrote anything in Engish. The last time was during my SPM and that was almost 10 years ago. Hahhaha so sorry if my writing sucks, horrible or what so ever =)

Ok, for now the topic is FOOD. My ustaz back in school always said “ Makan untuk hidup ke? Hidup untuk makan?”  One of the phrases that we usually see in newspapers “ You are what you eat” and a lot of others that I cannot recall anymore, sorry guys..

Malaysia is also known as ‘food paradise’ among tourists.  Yes that is true, our food is awesome together with spices and herbs and don’t forget about its multiracial and multicultural identity.

For your information, our lovely country, Malaysia is currently No 1 in the ranking of obesity population in the whole of Southeast Asia. Well, however ugly the truth is, we have…

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