GG glamour guilty

In a perfect world, I’d end a workout feeling energized, my face glistening with a kiss of dewy sweat. Because my life isn’t busy or stressful at all, I’d have plenty of time to cool down and zen out with a few yoga poses. Then I’d sip on a delicious, blended-to-order smoothie with just the right balance of protein and carbs, and waltz straight into an open shower stocked with all my favorite bath products so I’d never need to haul them along in my gym bag.

In reality, I immediately start stressing about all the stuff I have to do post-workout, so I fake-stretch on the mats for roughly 34 seconds and sprint to the locker room to nab a shower, where the wait is longer than at the DMV. So instead of using the generic bath products that make my hair and skin drier than the Sahara…

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