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So what Ever Did Happen to Little Jimmy

 When we were older, perhaps in our twenties, my paradigm of perfection cousin Little Jimmy became engaged to a Jewish woman, Cynthia. A very sweet and likable person, she was also a musical genius who was blessed with the rare gift of perfect pitch. She had one great trick whereby if you told her an endless sequence of random numbers, she could recite them forward and backward based entirely on memory of voice pitch, but not necessarily because she memorized the numbers themselves.

Unfortunately Cynthia also had Chron’s Disease, an illness characterized by chronic inflammation of the large bowel for unknown and idiopathic reasons. This causes numerous food intolerances, cramps, diarrhea, radical weight loss, malaise, multiple drug regimens and a general feeling of misery, often culminating with a partial bowel resection, a colostomy, or usually both. At least in those days it did.


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