Sondheim, Debussy, Guns, and Roses

Sleeping Student My friend Mary just turned to me and said “I can’t stand two hours of this”.

A small confession: I’m writing this sitting in a lecture at uni. It’s reached medically dangerous levels of boredom (as most lectures do), and if I actually listen I’m afraid I may not live to tell the tale, so everybody finds a way of coping. Mine is playing scrabble and, apparently, writing a blog post. I wonder what the other people are doing…shall we have a look around? Oh alright then 🙂

In front of me is my friend Alberta. Well, I say friend, she’s more of an acquaintance who one day decided she was my friend, so now she’s my friend. She’s one of those students who is somehow always armed with a pad of paper and a pencil case with pencils of various kinds (come on, how different can a 4B and…

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