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Have you ever been really excited to wear one of your necklaces, but just when you are about to put it on you notice a huge amount of tarnish on your necklace? Yeah, I’ve been there before and it is very aggravating. I know there are many different methods to remove tarnish from your costume/fake jewelry, but I find this one to be the easiest and I found it to be very effective. Here are a few simple steps to remove that tarnish immediately and you will only need toothpaste and water.

1. Wet the jewelry

  • You can have it under running cold water, dump it into a small bin of water, or simply just wet it a bit. Having the jewelry wet will make the next step easier. 

DSC01783 (2)

2. Apply toothpaste onto the jewelry and rub until tarnish is gone

  • You don’t have to rub very harshly, but…

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