Sondheim, Debussy, Guns, and Roses

4293345629_900fc250f8_o (2)I think it’s safe to say everyone passionately detests getting up early, none more so than myself. As simple as it may look on paper, the daily journey from bed to door is one of the most difficult things you will have to master in your life. However as someone who has had to master the art of waking up over the years, I feel a kind of obligation to share what I have learnt for the benefit of others less fortunate; and so with that in mind, I give you my step by step guide: How to Wake up Early in 6 Easy (ish) Steps.

Step one: set your alarm. Yes, that’s right, the process begins before you’ve even gone to sleep; ahead is a Herculean task, you can’t go in unprepared. Now if you are old, British, or a caveman (the three can be hard to distinguish), then you…

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