The Escape

Hello, so you might be sitting or lying down, looking down at your screen, wondering who the girl behind this blog is. Well If you didnt know, my name is Pauline. Some of my followers requested I do a facts about me blog post, so here it is. I’m just going to establish that this is a no judgement zone, so please don’t judge me ?

1. I’m a legging wearer-extraordinaire who spends too much of her time on her laptop.

2. I love me some doritos and pringles. Add avocado to the mix and you’re my best friend.

3. I acutally enjoy going school, and getting the opportunity to learn new things. They might not help me in the future, but I’m thankful I’ve been exposed them. After all, knowledge is power. I’ve got the daaaa POWERRRRR.

4. If you like Hannah Montana, highschool musical and camp rock, you’re…

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