— Meditation – not a hoax —

Click.. click.. click.. done with programming…  Check the wiring…. Good… Now let’s run it… WHirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……. Ahh!!! The machine works great! …. We work with hundreds of machines in our day-to-day life, then how come we have never noticed the similarities between the human body and a machine.

Our body is the most wonderfully and skillfully engineered machine that one can imagine and it needs some maintenance just like every machine does – so, we exercise. But how can we maintain the delicate entities called the hormones that govern our body in the most enigmatic way one can imagine. Meditation is the most appropriate solution for that, in my opinion.

Inspite of several hundreds of thousands of articles and journals explaining the benefits of meditation, why do some people still feel that it’s just a hoax and nothing else.

Meditation helps you analyze yourself…

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