As a former Angeleno who has spent hours (years?) stuck in L.A. traffic, A Day Without Cars sounds like a fucking dream. Back in 2011, government officials announced that a section of Interstate 405 would be closed for construction, which prompted predictions of “Carmageddon.” In reality, it didn’t do much more than inspire some daredevils to have a dinner party and try “planking” on the closed stretch of highway. However, the University of California Los Angeles did report temporarily improved air quality during the closure.

Which brings us to another smog-choked metropolis, Paris, where city officials are using partial bans on cars just to clear the air. The air quality in Paris occasionally beats New Delhi and Beijing for pure nastiness.

On Monday, the City of Love banned cars and motorbikes with even-numbered license plates. More than 1,000 police officers lurked around the city to enforce the policy, which could have been extended…

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