Portraits of M.E.

While growing up, I had a mother who loved to read.  In our house there were bookcases lining our walls with books piled high on each shelf.  It was because of her, I grew up reading and having a passion for books.  When she passed away, a lot of her books were packed away…and I’m not even sure where most of them ended up.  I know I have two or three of them (mostly Star Trek books – we both were fans of the show), my sisters have a few, and my Dad has some of them too.  So when I received a wedding gift from my cousin Harold and from my Aunt Emily, I was very surprised to open it and discover an old black Bible.

wpid-img_20150327_125908.jpg This is what makes this Bible extra special – the handwritten note my Mom wrote when she received the Bible.

I turned to…

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