Eye of Lynx

Prior to being published,the content of this post has been deleted,edited and re-written countless times.After pondering how I could write a review of Quiet,I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to pay tribute to this fantastic book and encourage people to pick it would be to list everything I’ve gained from reading it.

Every page of Quiet is imbibed with tons of information,so what I’ve written below is just a vignette of what you will see in the book.

Quiet opens with telling us how inclined to extroversion the world is.The process by which people have come to disregard introverts in favour of extroverts took place several decades ago in adverts,magazines and movies,among many others.As a result,we now live in a world that is more than ever dominated by the ”Extrovert Ideal”.There are tons of empowerment programmes that aim to make their clients more extroverted.Introversion is regarded as…

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