The Escape

What is Love?


At first glance, it is such a simple word  – easy to spell and pronounce. Yet if you take a closer look, you realize it’s a word with alot of complexity behind its meaning. So what is love, in the first place? Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve been and I have asked that question a million times and, to no one’s surprise, I’ve gotten just as many answers.

I’ve heard it all – from the clichéd quotes down to those bitter heartfelt words. However, I have not  experienced all of the kinds of love that there is in this world. Nonetheless, I have my own interpretation:

Love is the most beautiful thing.
It is sincerity, honesty, perseverance, humility, forgiveness, and most importantly, sacrifice. It rejoices not in pain – rather, it seeks felicity in the darkest, and most somber places. Love is like life itself, for…

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