happy, naturally.

When telling people I drink raw milk most are shocked and disgusted. After letting them try it, however, their minds are completely change. Raw milk tastes AMAZING. I have never been a milk drinker. I hated the taste and only drank it because I was told it was healthy. The heavily pasteurized milk I was drinking from the store was not healthy in the slightest. This milk is from cows that are in terrible living conditions, fed gmo soy based feed, given tons of antibiotics, and treated very poorly. The milk I drink now is from a pastured cow that has ample room to graze outdoors. She is fed quality feed and lives a happy, stress free life. Unlike the cows that produce the heavily pasteurized milk.

My holistic doctor claims that raw milk is essential for a healthy life. It is not always easy to get though. Selling raw milk…

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