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Taken from the ridge leading to Hatterall Hill (which you can just catch on the extreme right of the image), this is the view roughly eastwards from Offas Dyke Path. The string of white buildings in the middle distance on the left is Longtown, and Clodock is the small cluster of buildings almost dead centre, with Mynydd Ferddin rising behind. Somewhere in the haze in the far distance are the Malvern Hills. The Black Mountains themselves are behind the viewpoint.

Why is the sky darker in the middle of the image and lighter at the edges? Some idiot forgot he had a polarising filter on when he took the panorama 😦

Photography stuff: three overlapping images taken handheld, 18-55mm lens at 18mm, 1/60 sec at f/10, images joined using Hugin to create the panorama.

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