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In his Compendium Maleficarum, Guazzo summarized the theory of Demonic Intercourse thus:

“For devils can assume the bodies of dead people, or recreate for themselves out of air and other elements a palpable body like that of flesh, and to these they can impart motion and heat at their will. They can therefore create the appearance of sex which they do not naturally have, and abuse men in a feminine form and women in a masculine form, and lie on top of women or lie under men; and they can also produce semen which they have brought from elsewhere, and imitate the natural ejaculation of it.”

Some of the early accounts had emphasized the intense pleasure of diabolic intercourse. The Inquisitor Nicholas Jacquier, writing in 1458, said it was inordinate carnaliter [‘extremely fleshy’] , and that many witches “for several days afterward remain worn out [afflicti et debilitati].”

Italian accounts…

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