Father, Father, I sigh
In the presence of Your Kind
And it happens every time
That you look me right in the eyes
Catch a glimpse of Paradise
My heart is yours
Your heart is mine.

Father, Father, I smile
When I see You all full of smiles
But when You hurt, there are bitter cries
And dear God, despite all of the trials
That get in my way in life
I will never cease to strive
To glorify Your Name
You take away the pain.

Father, Father, I narrow my eyes
When I look into Your light
The light that glows, so bright
And dear God, no matter what I find
Lying ahead of my life,
I will always make You smile
Bless my soul
My God, my Lord!
My life was once dull
But You eased the hurt
I love You (I do)
Your word speaks truth.


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