Surviving Oneself

“My King,

I Love You.

I have got your back and I’m here for you no matter what.

It doesn’t matter how long, I will wait for you.

I will be there for you. 

I’m proud of who you are.

We will win this battle of life.

God is always with you.

Your Queen.

I was lost in the last conversation with him, I smiled like a retard, whenever I thought of him. I knew for sure, I was deeply into him. He meant the world to me, and I really couldn’t imagine myself being happy, if he had to leave one day. I want to be his stress-free zone and love him unconditionally.

Normally, he would be busy with work and college, its not compulsory for anyone of us to text each other all the time. i messaged him, when I wanted him to know he was all…

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