There’s a saying that goes, “when you observe what others don’t observe, you will know what others don’t know”.
Well this observation I discovered lately is about the Muslim community. First and foremost i am of the school of thought that states-the common thing which binds us more as human beings which is our flesh and blood is most important than our diversity in religion, culture, est. in case someone is thinking am a religious fanatic.
We have heard so many issues around the world of bombings here and there, killings in the name of one religion or the other…. I write this to share what i discovered lately on Islam.
What is jihad- many Muslims will say it is a quest for peace, others will say it is a quest for Islam to dominate the world so on so fort-but i discovered “jihad is an invitation” so for those Muslim fanatics who don’t read their Quran. Let me clarify-jihad is an invitation to tread the path of God while seeking the truth. Someone will say but there’s an AK-47 close to the word jihad in some places, well unless the Quran has started having pictures i will say it is falsified….man made ideas to promote terrorism and violence especially for those who do not read.
As i discovered the holy Quran instructed the prophets to use persuasion, not forcefully and wisdom to spread God’s word.
When attacked by his enemies the prophet defended his life property and honour, in his 23years as prophet he fought for only 2months. May God forgive our sins.
So think, read, and ask questions on anything that is asked of you to do that will be of harm and without love to your neighbour not because of any religion or culture. Gods’ stand on love doesn’t change either for Christians or Muslims or pagans or otherwise. Love first and then correct them..Not kill first for your own disillusioned views on religion and who God is. shalom.