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Close Encounters of a Ghostly Kind

As an aspiring writer, I discovered that most people love stories of the supernatural. I had a fear of the inexplicable as imagination slurs up ghastly images … Some even making their way into my consciousness from dreams. And they can be terrifying, whether smoky or solid. The smoky ones are a bit like the ghosts in Harry Potter’s movies, except they wear indistinct flowing robes, nothing as well defined as the clothes of the ghosts in Hogwarts. The solid ones look like dark voodoo images with long hair which is longer than their height. They hover in the air and have sharp teeth and bloody mouths. Their red tongues could be hanging out. Then, there are Dracula like women in luminescent green light who open creaking doors. They have faces like anopheles mosquitoes. Therefore, I do not like to write spooky stuff! When…

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