Pain pain pain–:>> phenomenon of ambiguity.
I remember that night as I laid on my bed  trying to fall asleep, a sharp pain hit my left side towards the stomach area strolling down and now across the front so fast I couldn’t understand what was happening.
I called out for a response as a result of the pain but only a whisper of words flew in the air, then I discovered I was all alone at 2am.
The sound of the midnight birds overshadowing my cry for help as it was a whisper.
My heart started pounding like a thousand waters hitting over a rock. The pain quickly emerged at the left side of my body and now moving faster across my stomach down to the waist line then up again to my chest.
I found myself now on the floor of my room,  now weak and getting tired of holding unto the excruciating effect in my body. I tried once more to cry for help now my voice fainter and my head bowed to the ground.
Is this the end?  Multiple questions flood through my mind. Someone should please come check me out I thought to myself,


Then how much more can I explain what I felt. The truth is when they say I know how u feel. NO THEY DON’T!  every pain, circumstance, are as fresh as they are anytime you experience them. You can never know the impact of pain on that individual until you really feel it as it were at that time. But well they  say that to help with its effect in you ‘encouragement ‘
Pain in various categories heartbroken, injuries, family problems, lost individual, in my opinion should be felt. every time we time to fight it, it comes back with a stronger effect through something else like change of attitude, getting angry easily.
Take your time, let it run through your veins, feel it,  absorb it,  cry if you have to,  face it to the end at that time.
In the end I assure u, when you’re done it will seem like it was never there.
I rest here, a cure for pain NO.  There’s no known cure for pain of the mind.