Sleep is sweet, food is sweeter, but the gift of living is the most beautiful thing in the world. Many will disagree due to the circumstances all around us, the war, the hatred, anger, killings, terrorism, social vices. That is very true but what about the moment when we smiled at the beauty all around us,  when we looked to the stars and wondered how everything came to be and so perfect, what about that time when a single smile from the one you love  make all your sorrows all go away for a moment, what about the time when the believe in a higher realm that gave you the reality of your existence and saved you.
Scientist says one of the characteristics of the brain is to dwell on the negativity all around us.
But psychologist proves that dwelling in life with  a positive mental attitude can radically change the aura around you.
Yes!  Things go bad,  but sometimes it goes good too. Yes!  War comes,  but sometimes there is tranquility,  yes! People hurt you, but you smile sometimes, yes you’re broke,  but sometimes you have plenty, and most times the world is a crazy place but let’s fight for our freedom and happiness. We deserve that much in this crazy world. Live in the moment forget the politicians, forget the terrorist and all others, we’ll take them one after the other.
Most importantly concentrate on being yourself and happy with all the madness around you. Live for today!